“Our designers have a great eye for colours which complement each other and by using a change of colour we can inject light into any kitchen makeover.”

Benjamin Reid, Happy Kitchens Managing Director

Brand New Kitchen & Kitchen Makeover Services Hampshire

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 At Happy Kitchens, we offer a wide range of makeover services ranging from replacement worktops, kitchen doors, splashbacks, hinges and wirework to new appliances and much more. We also offer new kitchen design and installation services too.

Below is just a small selection of the options available - please contact us for more samples and to arrange your free, no-obligation, home visit.

Replacement Kitchen Worktops

We provide replacement worktops in a range of quality materials and at excellent value for money. You can choose from laminate, acrylic or quartz - we have something to suit your own taste. We can also supply shaped and curved worktops, you no longer need to think in straight lines.

Replacement Kitchen Doors

You don't need to order a completely new kitchen, you can keep your existing cupboards and units and simply replace the doors. We have 100's of options to choose from and bring the samples to you. Decide in the light of your own kitchen what is right for you.

after kitchen makeover in southampton

 Kitchen Splashbacks

Our splashbacks are affordable, hygienic and will help keep your kitchen looking great for years to come. They are also low maintenance and simply require a quick wipe down to keep clean. We can supply a range of different colours in laminate and gloss.

Kitchen Appliances

You may decide to upgrade your existing kitchen appliances to match your refreshed kitchen. We can supply integrated and stand alone appliances from leading brands including, NEFF, BOSCH and FISHER & PAYKEL. We also supply our own premium own brand for kitchen makeovers on a tighter budget. For sinks and taps we recommend the brand Franke. You can chose from stainless steel or fine, stone finishes.

harvey water softeners


harvey water softeners


Harvey Water Softeners

We live in hard water areas, so why not install a water softener to help increase the life of your kitchen appliances? As well as helping your washing machines and dishwashers work better, added benefits include softer, brighter looking clothes, smoother skin, and silkier hair, and of course, you'll spend less time cleaning water marks and help keep your kitchen sparkling for years to come.

Kitchen Worktop Restoration

Kitchen worktops are susceptible to damage, and chips, scratches or dents can be quite common in a well-used kitchen. Thankfully, our technicians are highly skilled at restoring your worktops to their former glory.

sand and oil kitchen worktop restoration


sand and oil worktops