Quick Quartz Replacement Worktops

When you are updating your kitchen, there is nothing that comes close to the timeless elegance and practical durability of miniQ quartz worktops.

Unlike laminate or wooden surfaces, miniQ stone worktops are resistant to staining and require no maintenance. They are tough enough to cope with everyday knocks and scratches, so they look great for years and add real value to your home.

If you are looking for a stylish new kitchen, without the cost of a complete rip-out and refit, miniQ is like a dream come true. It is laid right over existing worktops, so the job is done faster with a lot less mess. With miniQ, replacement worktops are as long-lasting and attractive as the most expensive granite.

quartz replacement worktops

Please select your preference of quartz from the swatches below:

Grigio Fino

grigio fino quartz

Fango Fino

fango fino quartz

Sasso Riso

sasso riso quartz

Creama Fino

crema fino quartz

Grigio Fino

bianco fino quartz

Crema Riso

crema riso

Cielo Argento

cielo argento quartz

Bianco Riso

bianco riso

Nuvolo Riso

nuvolo riso

Bianco Argento

bianco argento

Nero Argento

nero argento

Rosso Argento

rosso argento

Crema Argento

crema argento quartz

Grigio Argento

grigio argento quartz

Milito Fino

milito fino quartz

Puro Fino

puro fino quartz

Sabbia Riso

sabbia riso quartz

Venato Fino

venato fino quartz

Algo Fino

Algi Fino quartz

New quartz worktops are laid right over your existing units in a day. Fitting is fast, efficient and hassle free!

High-quality stone, available in a range of gorgeous colours, resistant to staining with no maintenance!

We carry long guarantees so you will have peace of mind that your kitchen will last a lifetime of use.