Brighten up your kitchen in two days

People often associate having any work done to their home with large costs, lots of time and a whole lot of hassle. But it doesn’t have to be, it is possible to transform you kitchen in just two days with a low cost kitchen makeover from the team at Happy Kitchens.

Firstly you don’t always have to start from scratch and the key is to work with what you have already got. Most kitchen cupboards are still in good working condition so you don’t need to get rid of everything and start again. By simply refreshing the fronts of the cupboards you can provide an instant lift to a tired and dated looking kitchen. It’s also a great way to keep up with the latest trends and allows you to have some fun. You also aren’t then tied to a certain look as you can change your doors as often as you like if you stick to neutral colours on the walls and work surfaces.

Like most things, over time your kitchen can look a bit outdated but this can easy be fixed. Just from changing the worktops, handles or even removing unwanted units you can create the look and feel of a brand new kitchen. One of our customers Rita Turvey, said: “The process overall was certainly much quicker and cheaper than having a brand new kitchen fitted, and it still looks like a completely different kitchen. Friends and family have said ‘wow what a difference”.

People often find having work done in their home can be inconvenient and can take weeks, but a kitchen makeover comes with out that hassle. Depending on how much you wish to change, a kitchen makeover can only take two days.

The great thing about a kitchen makeover is that you can add as little or as much as you like. Some people may just like new cupboard doors, which alone can make a big difference and on average only cost between £1500 and £3000. But if your looking for a bit more, then that’s not problem either.

Other than giving your kitchen a new look, we can also help you to create space with out taking up anymore room, for example we can change your half wall units to full wall units. Or remove unwanted units that are blocking the light, making your kitchen appear much brighter and spacious.

A comment from our happy customers Mr and Mrs Farr: “The whole process was pleasant and easy, our kitchen makeover was completed in two day with no hassle. There were plenty of samples to choose from, and it was nice to be able to view the samples in the natural light of our own kitchen. Our kitchen is now much brighter with more storage, and what we really loved was that we were still able to keep the parts we did like from our original kitchen”.

If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, you might not want to change everything, and if you do, it can be too late till you realise it just doesn’t fit with your home.


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Benjamin Reid is the managing director of Happy Kitchens. Originally from Hayling Island in Hampshire, Benjamin did most of his growing up in Italy and has spent a lot of time travelling to Barcelona where he picked up his keen eye for kitchen design.

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