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A common decision many people make when improving their home, is whether to have their builders fit a new kitchen or get a professional kitchen company to take on the project. Depending what else you are having done to your home, can play a big part in this decision.

A common misconception however, is that getting your builder to fit your kitchen will be both easier and cheaper if they are already completing work such as an extension. This is not always the case.  

We wanted to look at the real differences between using a builder to fit your kitchen as opposed to choosing a kitchen company.

Bespoke to your needs

One thing Happy Kitchens prides itself on is its outstanding service and that its customer doesn’t have to compromise. A builder or other tradesman may do a good job of fitting your kitchen, but the materials they use could be of a lesser quality to what a kitchen fitter might use.

Kitchen companies have tried and tested a variety of suppliers for the materials to build your dream kitchen. As builders do not specialise in this area, they may not be aware of the best quality products to use.

Expert service at a realistic cost

As we mentioned above, a common misconception is that a kitchen fitters price could slightly exceed what your builder has quoted for. Although this may look like a cheaper option, it is not always the case.

Understandably many building companies allow for a contingency in their budget, especially if they are working on several areas of your home. If you are already having an extension done, it can be quite easy for the contingency budget to be used up quite quickly. Without knowing it you have paid much more for your kitchen then you originally thought.

The finished result

When getting a builder to fit a kitchen, it is likely you will be asked to choose the kitchen you would like from a showroom or magazine. Many kitchens can look great under dazzling showroom lights, but totally different in your own home. At Happy Kitchens, we bring samples for you to look at in the natural light of your own kitchen. This gives you a much greater vision of what your kitchen will actually look like once it is installed.  

Peace of mind

Our team are not just fitters, they are craftsman from luxury yacht manufacturing backgrounds, so you can have peace of mind the job will be completed with precision. In turn, leaving you with the long-lasting finish you are looking for.

When getting your kitchen fitted by a kitchen company you are also much more likely to receive a guarantee on the products used or even the installation itself.

Fitting kitchens is our speciality, we fit kitchens all week every week so our level of experience and expertise is to a very high standard. You will also have the opportunity to receive expert design advice from our team at your free home consultation.

If you’re looking to have a new kitchen installed, or simply want to update the worktops, handles or doors in your existing space, simply contact one of our team today.

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