we bring the kitchen show room to you

We Bring the Showroom to You

Making a decision on your new kitchen shouldn’t be a burden. We’ve got just the right solution to make picking your dream kitchen a breeze.

Going to a showroom can be a rather daunting experience, you can often feel pressured to go with the kitchen that will ‘just do’ rather than working out what could really look amazing in your kitchen. Not only this, but you will quite often find that what looks amazing under those dazzling spotlights in a showroom doesn’t quite look the same in your kitchen on a grey and rainy day. That’s why we bring the showroom to you, giving you the chance to view your chosen colours in the natural light of your own Kitchen.

Choosing a new kitchen should be an exciting time. The opportunity to transform the hub of your house into a kitchen you have been dreaming of should be a relaxing, enjoyable and happy experience. Not one where you feel disappointed because those sparkling worktops didn’t quite give the effect in your kitchen you were hoping for.

Our customers cherish the fact that you don’t have to spend hours traipsing around showrooms, to find yourself going home with no better idea of what you would really like. In fact with Happy Kitchens, you don’t even have to go anywhere at all. We bring it all to you, allowing you to place samples in front of your existing kitchen furniture, offering you the chance to get a real feel for the transformation which lies ahead.

Our customers sometimes find all the choice staggering. There are so many options available that it can be a baffling process. We can help guide and advise on those choices to ensure you are very happy with your final selection.

Making these decision in your own kitchen also gives you an idea of what you are working with. Big showroom kitchens may look amazing in one home but not quite work for yours, sometimes you might not realise this until it’s too late. Our fantastic team will guide you through the design process giving you the best options to choose from, without overwhelming you with too much food for thought.

The kitchen has become the heart of the home, a place where family can spend time together, somewhere you can entertain guests and a place to relax over a coffee and a paper. So we know how important it is to get it right.

With Happy Kitchens, you really won’t be paying for what you don’t need and our visits are free, so put the kettle on and relax while you make the big decisions to transform your home.


If you’d like us to make your kitchen a Happy Kitchen then please contact us today for a FREE home visit and consultation.

About the Author Benjamin Reid

Benjamin Reid is the managing director of Happy Kitchens. Originally from Hayling Island in Hampshire, Benjamin did most of his growing up in Italy and has spent a lot of time travelling to Barcelona where he picked up his keen eye for kitchen design.

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