Keep your kitchen happy all year round

As we all know kitchens can get to warm to quickly in the summer months, but this shouldn’t stop you using it. Often opening the windows just isn’t enough, so keep your kitchen happy all year long with our top tips to keeping it as cool as you can.


1.       You don’t just want to open your kitchen windows, open window in other areas of the house throughout the day to keep the circulation flowing.


2.       A fan is a given, but test out different ways of using it, keep it low down or half facing out the window – this helps to reduce heat and steam coming from the oven staying in your kitchen. This way you’re not just circulating warm air around the room, and your keeping your kitchen fresh as well as cool.


3.       Although sometimes not practical, you may want to try using your oven a little less. Why not mix up your menu? There is no law against eating sandwiches for dinner with some fresh fruit or salad.


4.       If you’re planning on baking or cooking when the temperature is going to be high, try to begin as early as possible. This gives your oven time to cool down before reaching the peek temperatures of the day.



5.       Take advantage of the cooler days when you can – try preparing a number of meals that you are able to portion and freeze down.


About the Author Benjamin Reid

Benjamin Reid is the managing director of Happy Kitchens. Originally from Hayling Island in Hampshire, Benjamin did most of his growing up in Italy and has spent a lot of time travelling to Barcelona where he picked up his keen eye for kitchen design.

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