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Kristian Tangen-Sorgendal from Zenith Home, gives Happy Kitchens a guest blog on what divide and glide doors can bring to your kitchen.


Once upon a time, a designer kitchen inevitably came with a designer price tag. Stylish fixtures and fittings, sleek windows and doors and contemporary features cost money and luxury kitchens were only available to those who could afford them.

Luckily, thanks to modern materials and clever design, eye-catching features like stunning divide and glide doors, are now affordable for everyone. Transforming an everyday kitchen into one fit for any interiors magazine, and will help you to create the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

New Wave Doors supplied by Deceuninck UK

New Wave Doors supplied by Deceuninck UK



These days, having a stylish home isn’t enough for most of us, we also want a space that will fit our changing needs and that’s flexible enough to adapt to the way we live. This is where divide and glide doors really come into their own. On a sunny day, their flexibility makes it easy to bring the outside in, with open doors helping homeowners to dramatically increase their useful living space and enjoy outdoor living.

On cold, rainy days however, the doors can be left tightly shut, keeping the cold air out and the warm air in. What’s more, thanks to the large glass panels and innovative design of divide and slide doors, plenty of light will enter the kitchen, keeping it bright and airy even on the darkest of days.

New Wave Doors supplied by Deceuninck UK

New Wave Doors supplied by Deceuninck UK



One of the best things about our divide and glide doors is that they look fantastic. Contemporary, sleek and stylish, these doors will add an instant designer element to your home. What’s more, as they can be opened and closed in seconds, they allow you to change the look and the feel of your kitchen in moments.

To ensure your new divide and glide door suits your home perfectly, we offer a fantastic range of colour options and a variety of styles.


New Wave Doors supplied by Deceuninck UK

New Wave Doors supplied by Deceuninck UK


Not only are divide and glide doors very affordable to install, they’ll also help to ensure your home is more energy efficient. By letting light into your home, your new doors will reduce the need for electric bulbs during daylight hours, and by keeping your kitchen warm and snug, they’ll help you to cut down on heating bills throughout the year.

As divide and glide doors are also effortlessly stylish, your new designer kitchen will add a significant amount to the value of your property, allowing you to cash in when it’s time to move on.


Explore the fantastic range of divide and glide doors Zenith Home has to offer today and find the perfect door for your home.

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