Organise your kitchen & utilise its space.

Thinking of having a summer clear out? Are you running out of space for all your kitchen gadgets? Here are some top tips for creating an organised kitchen.

Although it’s great to have lots of quirky kitchen gadgets, our kitchen drawers don’t grow with us. If you’re short on space, it might be worth looking at what you really need and use on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean you need to get rid of you anything, but perhaps storing them in a cupboard in another area of the house is more practical?

If you really can’t decide what to keep and remove from your kitchen, you can always rotate your kitchen accessories throughout the year, a cocktail mixer is great to have at hand for the summer, but not so popular for the winter months.

If you want to create storage space in your drawers and cupboards, keep the kitchen appliances you use the most on your worktops. In a kitchen with precious worktop space, this may not work, alternatively try using your wall space to hang your posts and pans – things that take up a lot of room in your cupboards.


Another way to maximise wall space and create more storage, could be changing your half wall units to full way units. If you are happy with the kitchen you already have, we can colour match your existing units and replace them. This option is not expensive and can be a great choice for kitchens with limited space.

Having appliances such as your fridge or cooker built into your current units can also be a good use of space while giving you that modern look and feel to your kitchen.


These tips show that small changes to your kitchen can make a big difference, if you’d like the look and feel of a brand new kitchen, without the extra cost and hassle – give us a call today on 02392986465 or send us an email to 

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Benjamin Reid is the managing director of Happy Kitchens. Originally from Hayling Island in Hampshire, Benjamin did most of his growing up in Italy and has spent a lot of time travelling to Barcelona where he picked up his keen eye for kitchen design.

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