Made to Measure Kitchen In Broughton, Stockbridge

Mike Hensman in Broughton shares his experience getting a made to measure kitchen with Happy Kitchens.

We moved into our house in Broughton in January this year and although the kitchen was serviceable its layout did not work for us.

We looked at the usual suspects John Lewis and Wickes etc and found Happy Kitchens advertising in a local magazine. We were initially interested in Happy Kitchens because of the unusual concept of renewing an existing kitchen verses buying a new one. That was not an option we had considered.

After an initial meeting with Ben at Happy Kitchens we decided that the kitchen face lift option would not work for us. So we invited John Lewis, Wickes and Happy Kitchens in to provide designs and quotations for a new kitchen so that we had a range of options to select from.

The resulting designs were similar and the quotations were all in the same ball park. However, Ben was by far the most helpful as a potential supplier and this was important for us. He was more interested in ensuring we were happy with what he was proposing, he also advised us about disposing of our existing kitchen and where we could get the best deal on our new kitchen appliances.

After doing some detailed external research it was clear to us that the business model that John Lewis and Wickes had where their fitters are independent to the supplier did not provide a good level of comfort for us. Happy Kitchens have their own employed fitters.

We proceeded with Happy Kitchens however my only concern was that as a small and relatively new company how secure was my money. Ben explained that he only wanted 50% of the overall cost in advance and if I paid that on a credit card then that would be protected and the balance paid once we were happy with the completed kitchen. This was a good option as both the other suppliers wanted the full fee paid prior to any work starting which included the fitters fee.

The kitchen is now completed and today I have, with pleasure, paid the balance due. The kitchen is fabulous I guess everybody says that so look at the pictures it really is very good.

We went for the Wharf worktops and splash backs which together with the integrated sink create a totally seamless surface from worktop to ceiling - no joins and no dirt harboring places. The fitting team are fantastic well skilled and dedicated to making your Happy Kitchen perfect. They have a work pedigree that includes high end luxury boat building so their work quality is exquisite. You just need to keep them fueled with coffee and they also take away all the rubbish.

The Specification

Mr Hensman needed a bespoke solution. In a light filled room, with a glass roof and non standard measurements we needed to provide something warm, bright and stylish whist remaining functional. We delivered just that.

Design - We started by designing something unique on CAD, and adapting to Mr & Mrs Hensmans tastes, and then filling all available space and making it very useable.

Style & Colour - Our Cambridge door Cashmere in colour. The worktops are Wharf Castillo. Handles are a Tapered bow in a Matt Nickel finish.

Made to Measure -We manufactured made to measure units and colour matched them to the door, so the inside of the cupboard was the same colour as the door front.


Seamless - A composite worktop & splashback was made to order and 100% seamless, no visible joins, and also a seamless sink, and seamless up the walls too. Seamless splash backs are not too common in our industry and we were the only company the Hensmans talked to able to provide this service.

Integrated soft closing hinges and drawer boxes. Unlike many high street companies who use clip on soft close buffers, our hinges and drawers have a hydraulic mechanism built in tested to over a million uses without fail.

Storage - Extra large pan drawers, corner pullouts, there is not a single bit of this kitchen that doesn't have easy to access storage and lots of it. Most importantly of all, there is a wine fridge.

Bespoke - From little touches like making a custom wall unit to fit the microwave, to seamless splash backs, this kitchen really does have it all.

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