Guide to kitchen trends on a budget

Kitchens have always been one of the areas home owners take particular pride in. We are constantly trying to make sure our kitchen stays on trend with the latest desirable door handles or wall colour. But not everyone can afford a complete re design of their kitchen. However, your kitchen can easily be updated and refreshed without the need of a lot of time and money.

Kitchens in 2016 have all followed a similar colour pallet of neutral walls and cabinets with accents of grey and copper. Although the greys and neutrals will give a more modern sleek look the copper brings warmth and light which adds a cosy classic feel. The best part about this design is it’s so easy to achieve and can be done on any budget big or small.

  1. A neutral base.

Having a neutral kitchen may seem like it could look very bland and cold, however by adding interchangeable accessories and décor means you simply swap things in and out to keep the kitchen refreshed and looking fabulous. Obviously you don’t need a completely brand new kitchen but if you do feel like you need to give your kitchen a makeover please contact us to see how we can help give your kitchen a new look.


  1. Injecting colour.

Add colour to your work tops with accessories and appliances. Cook ware has really branched out in recent years with many brands offering a wide array of colours and styles. Copper has really taken over the more traditional chrome so adding it in the essential kitchen items gives them a modern twist. Simple things like switching up smaller items that won’t cost the earth are a great way of refreshing the look of your kitchen. For instance, simply changing the mugs you have on display or the pot you hold all the tools for the stove.


  1. Outdoors indoors.

Obviously you don’t need to bring the entire fruit and veg section of your local supermarket into your kitchen. However, adding in plants and herbs looks like a trend that will be here to stay. Fresh herbs will not only be great for your cooking but will fill your kitchen with a fresh scent. If you don’t have the time to water and maintain plants a more low maintenance cactus might be the solution. Although less functional it will still be on trend and require less attention. Adding natural materials and textures like wood, marble and glass will also help to achieve this look


  1. Clutter free

We have increasingly busy lives and it seems our kitchen draws just don’t seem to grow with us. However, to achieve a more minimalist look you will need to get creative with how you store all your kitchen gadgets to keep them off the work tops. This might mean having a clear out and asking what you really need and use when cooking.


  1. DIY

Save some money by doing of your own DIY’s and up cycling. This can end up saving you a lot of money. Copper spray paint can be purchased online and can give a new lease of life to many kitchen items.


If you follow all these tips you should have an adaptable but on trend kitchen that will last you through every trend and season. In addition, there is no stopping you from applying these four principles to other rooms in your house. If you would like more information about our kitchen makeovers do not hesitate to enquire.

Keeping your kitchen looking fashionable and budget friendly can be a challenge but why not pop over to our Pinterest board for some quick and easy inspiration.

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Benjamin Reid is the managing director of Happy Kitchens. Originally from Hayling Island in Hampshire, Benjamin did most of his growing up in Italy and has spent a lot of time travelling to Barcelona where he picked up his keen eye for kitchen design.

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